Local Authority Internal Audit Virtual Forum

Welcome to our Local Authority Internal Audit Virtual Forum. A new monthly virtual forum aimed at internal auditors in a local authority setting, providing an open environment for local authority audit leaders to exchange information and concerns for the purposes of helping each other.

Read on for all the essential information regarding these forums.

The context of the Forum

The Institute has been running a weekly Heads of internal Audit Forum since March 2020, comprising heads of internal audit in local government among other participants. During these sessions, challenges faced have been shared and solutions arrived at collectively in an open and honest environment.

This new forum builds on that with the goal of offering local authority leaders a voice to communicate and collaborate. The forum operates on a Chatham House rules basis, on either a Zoom or Microsoft teams, and provides an opportunity for participants to ask questions and share thoughts. 

In many cases, speakers will share their personal perspectives on the role of internal audit, including its evolution in recent years, lessons learnt from the pandemic, and the journey ahead. Where possible, we will also involve CEOs, section 151 officers, and chairs of audit committees in the discussions, as well as HIAs.

As part of the forums, members of the institute will offer technical and practical guidance, but we will also encourage and indeed welcome the contributions of all audit leaders who are ultimately best placed to share experiences.

The forum will be chaired by Piyush Fatania, a member of our council, with support from John Wood, our Interim CEO, Liz Sandwith, our Chief Professional Practices Advisor, and Derek Jamieson, our Regional Director for Scotland.

How will the Forums run?

The Forums are virtual and invitation-only and will evolve based on feedback from attendees and the challenges they are facing. 

The intention moving forward is that local authority internal auditors can contact either Liz Sandwith (liz.sandwith@iia.org.uk) or Derek Jamieson (derek.jamieson@iia.org.uk) with requests to attend a Forum but also to share thoughts, questions, challenges so that we have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Wider distribution and participation

The output of each Forum will be hosted here, but we would also ask internal auditor/members to support the engagement process through their personal communication channels. Essentially, the wider we can distribute key messages using existing networks the more engagement we create and the greater the value we can provide to our membership.

Latest key takeaways

Stay abreast of our forums as they happen. To help you keep track and understand what's covered, we have labelled all our recent forums by their headline topics. 


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