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CPE for CIA and QIAL holders

If you hold an IIA Global certification, like CIA, then you should report CPE to IIA Global using CCMS. You must report no later than 31 December.

If you hold an IIA Global designation and a Chartered designation, then you will report CPE to IIA Global. You do not need to report CPE to both organisations. 

Details about the IIA Global CPE requirements can be found in the Certification Renewals Policy which members should study very carefully.

Annual reporting requirements

Annual reporting requirements vary depending on whether you are practicing (actively performing internal audit or related activities), non-practicing (not actively performing internal audit or related activities), or retired (no longer in the workforce).


CPE hours for CIA

CPE hours for QIAL










Members who hold both CIA and QIAL need only report 40 or 20 hours, depending on their status.

Retired professionals are exempt from all reporting requirements as long as they remain retired. If you are retired, you will need to submit a support case through the CCMS requesting a status change.  

Reporting fee

At the point of reporting on the CCMS, members will be required to pay a fee per designation to IIA Global. 

The CPE reporting fee for Active designation-holders is $30, and the CPE reporting fee for designation-holders in Grace Period is $60.

Retired members do not pay an annual fee.

Newly certified or qualified?

For newly certified individuals, the initial reporting period begins on the date of certification and ends 31 December of the following year.

(For example, an individual who obtains a new certification 20 February 2023 may begin earning CPE in 2023 but does not need to report CPE until 31 December 2024.)

Eligible CPE activities

We encourage members to keep a record of their CPE throughout the year, as this will help make it more manageable.

One of the most common ways certified individuals earn CPE hours is by completing educational programmes. Alongside completion of more formal qualifications and training courses, this can include attendance at seminars and conferences, formal in-house training programmes, and self-study programmes.

In order to encourage breadth in activity undertaken, IIA Global has set guidance on the maximum points which can be reported for different activities. Full details can be found in the Certifications Renewals Policy, but the table below shows this at a glance.


Maximum hours that can be reported



Training course, in-house training, seminars, conferences, qualifications




Delivering presentations




External Quality Assessments




Participating as a subject matter expert volunteer, for example serving as a committee member for a relevant professional body




Authoring or contributing to publications (for example books, articles or blogs)




Don’t forget - we recognise half CPE hours also.

Don’t worry - if you haven’t received a formal CPE certificate for the learning you’ve undertaken, IIA Global will accept a completed template as evidence.

Download our user-friendly CPE template (Word document)

Ethics training

All certified members are required to complete two CPE hours annually which are focused on the subject of ethics. The Chartered IIA has a number of online training courses which will enable you to meet this requirement.

View online training courses offering ethics-based CPE points

On maternity leave or taking a career break?

If you have taken maternity leave during the reporting period (up until 31 December) and you've worked for more than six months of the year, then you will be classed as a 'practising' internal auditor. As such, your CPE hours will be pro-rated, meaning you will be expected to do 3.33 hours for each month worked (40 divided by 12).

If you have worked for less than six months, then you will be classified as 'non-practising' and you can do 1.66 hours per month (20 divided by 12).

If you are unemployed or are taking a career break at the point of reporting your CPE, then you will be classed as 'non practising', which means you need to report 20 hours.

Annual CPE audit

IIA Global annual conduct an audit of CPE reporting records. If you are selected for the audit, then you’ll be required to provide evidence/documentation of the CPE hours you’ve earned. If you fail to provide information by the stated deadline, you’ll automatically be moved to an inactive (grace period) status and may no longer claim that you are certified until such time that you are able to provide your CPE.


For further details, please email