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Apprenticeships in internal audit

Apprenticeship routes into the internal audit profession

Internal audit practitioner (level 4)

Internal audit professional (level 7)

Benefits for the apprentice

Benefits for the employer

Who's involved in delivering internal audit apprenticeships?

End point assessments 

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Apprenticeship routes into the internal audit profession

Whether you are considering a career in internal audit, are new to the profession, or are an experienced practitioner already, there's an apprenticeship for you!

We've worked with a trailblazer group to develop two apprenticeships: internal audit practitioner (level 4) and internal audit professional (level 7). Both include Chartered IIA designations. 

Internal audit apprenticeships offer great opportunities for both practitioners and employers looking to build their teams.  

Unsure of where our apprenticeships sit in relation to other qualifications? As the following table demonstrates, our level 4 and level 7 apprenticeships are equivalent to a Foundation degree or above:



Equivalent educational level






A level


4, 5, 6 and 7

Foundation degree and above


6 and 7

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Internal audit practitioner (level 4)

The level 4 apprenticeship applies to those who are newly appointed to an internal audit role or existing internal audit staff who’d like to improve their knowledge and understanding of internal audit.

When you start your internal audit apprenticeship with your chosen training provider, you will need to register as a Chartered IIA member. During your apprenticeship, you’ll work towards two IIA certifications: the IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk and the Internal Audit Practitioner. 

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Register for the IIA certificate

Internal audit professional (level 7)

The level 7 apprenticeship is for highly competent internal auditors and includes the full CIA certification. It leads directly to Chartered membership of the institute (CMIIA).

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Register for the CIA

Register for the Chartered designation

Benefits for the apprentice

An apprenticeship in internal audit is a real job with structured training. A hands-on job opportunity enabling you to progress your career quickly and work towards a Chartered IIA designation.

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Benefits for the employer

Apprenticeships are a long-term investment and carry notable benefits for employers. In offering an apprenticeship in internal audit, employers stand to improve not only their existing workforce but also their economic productivity.

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Who's involved in delivering internal audit apprenticeships?

The employer

The employer supports and develops the apprentice through an effective on-the-job and off-the-job training programme.

Registered training providers

The registered training provider delivers a credible, structured and timely assessment programme. There are currently independent training providers and one university approved to deliver the internal audit programmes.

A registered end point assessment organisation

The registered end point assessment organisation (EPAO) will carry out robust assessment activities at the end of the apprenticeship training programme. More on this below.

End-point assessments (EPAs)

The Chartered IIA are the only EPAO for both internal audit apprenticeship standards. All of our apprenticeships are subject to end-point assessments (EPAs), which examine the degree to which apprentices have delivered against their job role demands. EPAs are conducted by Independent end-point assessors (IEPAs) who work with an end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) to deliver them.

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