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Internal Audit Practitioner

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation is designed as a pathway into the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) programme to accommodate those who are just starting in the profession, will only be in the profession for a short amount of time, and/or those who don’t possess a degree or do not yet have enough experience to enter the full CIA programme.

You will have two years to complete the Internal Audit Practitioner exam from the date you are approved into the programme.

When you have completed and passed the exam, you will be awarded the Internal Audit Practitioner designation, which will remain active for three years.

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation is not designed to be held indefinitely and will expire after three years.  During these three years no continuing professional education (CPE) is required.

Whilst your Internal Audit Practitioner designation remains active, you can apply for the CIA programme.

If you don’t apply for the CIA within three years your Internal Audit Practitioner designation will no longer be active, and you will need to meet the educational eligibility requirements.

Important information | When registering onto the CIA via the Internal Audit Practitioner

It is important to note that you will need five years’ experience to claim the CIA designation, but only a maximum of three years to complete it: 

  • Register and complete the Internal Audit Practitioner designation within two years.
  • Register and complete the three CIA exams within three years of completing the Internal Auditor Practitioner.

If you don’t have two years’ experience before applying for the CIA, you will still be approved on the CIA programme, however there is a risk of not being able to claim the designation once you have completed the three exams.

How to register for the Internal Audit Practitioner designation online tuition programme

If you are based in the UK and Ireland, and are not yet a member of the Chartered IIA, you must join us as a student member to access the programme. 

Non-members (based in the UK and Ireland) - register here

If you are already a member of the Chartered IIA or a member with your local Institute based outside of the UK and Ireland, you must complete our affiliate member form to access the programme.

Members (or a member with your local Institute based outside of the UK and Ireland) - register here

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If you are enrolled on the Internal Audit Practitioner apprenticeship, you will study this certification as part of your programme. Your training provider will be able to advise about when you'll be ready to start your tuition.  

Why do the Internal Audit Practitioner designation?

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation has been designed to be the first step to becoming professionally recognised and provides access to the CIA for non-graduates.


There are no education or experience requirements. However, you will need to hold a valid Government issued ID, for example a valid passport or driving licence. Without this, you won't be able to sit your exam and complete the programme.

If you hold an undergraduate degree, you may wish to consider direct entry to the CIA certification. Click here for more details.

What you will learn

Students will be introduced to the core elements of the International Professional Practices Framework and the International Standards.

The syllabus for the Internal Audit Practitioner designation is divided into five syllabus domains, each dealing with a set of standards:

  1. Internal Audit Attributes (IIA Standard 1000, 1100, 1200)
  2. Nature of work (IIA Standard 2100)
  3. Engagement planning (IIA Standard 2200)
  4. Engagement work (IIA Standard 2300)
  5. Engagement communication (IIA Standard 2400)

Click here to download the full syllabus.

How much will it cost?



Application fee for all new members (one-off fee)

£148 (VAT exempt)

Student membership

£234 p.a (VAT exempt)

Tuition fee

£1105 + VAT

Application fee payable to IIA Global


Exam fee payable to IIA Global


If your organisation is in the EU and is funding your training, please supply us with a VAT number.  You will not be liable for VAT and it will not be included in your invoice.


Study support

We provide all the support you need to make a success of the exams.

We have put in place a comprehensive blended learning solution, incorporating social learning, tutor support and online virtual classes. More detailed information regarding study support for the designation can be found in our Student section.

8-Week schedule

Below is a list of our upcoming scheduled sessions commencing:


4 March 2024
2 April 2024
2 May 2024
8 June 2024
2 September 2024
16 September 2024
1 October 2024
10 October 2024
4 November 2024
6 January 2025
3 February 2025
3 March 2025

Enrolment for the sessions closes two weeks before the due start date, and you will be able to access the online content one week before the official start date.  You will need to be a current member to access the online content.

Read more about our study support.

What you need to pass the Internal Audit Practitioner designation

To pass the Internal Audit Practitioner exam, you need to sit one two-hour multiple choice exam. The exam can be undertaken at one of over 100 Pearson Vue centres in the UK and Ireland, or can be done online.