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Chartered Internal Auditor

As the benchmark for leadership in internal audit, becoming a Chartered Internal Auditor demonstrates your proficiency in meeting the profession’s rigorous requirements and international standards. It also showcases your ability to lead: not only in your organisation but also in the wider profession.

Gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed at the very highest level in internal audit, together with invaluable transferable skills to help you fulfil your leadership potential.

Why become chartered?

Effective internal audit is increasingly key to protect organisations and support them in achieving their strategic objectives. The Chartered Internal Auditor designation gives you the skills and knowledge you need to audit complex business disciplines such as organisational culture, strategy and corporate governance.

Chartered status enables you to:

  • Use the CMIIA designation
  • Gain the recognition for your contributions to organisational success
  • Become a full voting member of the Chartered IIA
  • Raise the profile and value of your profession
  • Increase your professional confidence

Choose your route to chartered status

There are two ways to become a chartered professional, depending on your individual skills and circumstances: Chartered by Learning and Chartered by Experience.

Discover the Chartered by Learning route

Discover the Chartered by Experience route