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Apprenticeships in internal audit

Two apprenticeship levels are being developed

At the start of 2017, the Chartered IIA brought together a 'trailblazer group' of employers to lead the creation of an internal audit apprenticeship programme to ensure that internal audit could benefit from the opportunities arising from the new apprenticeship levy.

There are two apprenticeships in development: internal audit practitioner and internal audit professional. To ensure they are developed with the support of the profession, we recently conducted a consultation to get views from across all sectors and from employers at organisations of all sizes.

The consultation is now closed but you can read more about the two apprenticeships here:

Internal audit practitioner  |  Internal audit professional

A bit of background

The ‘trailblazer group’ was created following the release of the new apprenticeship levy. By providing a new route into a career in internal audit we will be able to tap into a new talent pool of people, including those with some experience in other fields but no degree.

We also see the creation of an apprenticeship in internal audit as an assertion of the status of the profession as distinct and valuable to UK business.

Employer benefits

An employer has much to gain from taking on these apprenticeships. The cost of apprenticeships training can be fully or partly funded by the new levy. Apprenticeships are an effective and efficient means of developing a pipeline of talent tailored to the company’s culture and required skill set.

Next steps

Pending the approval of the new standards, an assessment plan will be delivered by the trailblazer group. The trailblazer group is targeting completion of the apprenticeship pathways in the spring, with apprentices starting the following autumn.

For further information on apprenticeships and how they work please visit:

Institute for Apprenticeships

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