Open University accreditation

The Open University has endorsed the IIA Diploma and IIA Advanced Diploma and it has awarded them credit ratings as follows:

  • IIA Diploma: 60 points at postgraduate level 
  • IIA Advanced Diploma: 60 points at postgraduate level 

This means that if you complete the IIA Diploma and IIA Advanced Diploma, you could seek up to 120 credits towards a Masters degree. Usually 180 credits are required for a full Masters.  

What this means to qualified members

Qualified members can use these credit ratings to support an application for study of a further qualification that they wish to undertake.

Read more about the The Open University's credit ratings

Members should note The Open University could elect to accept just a proportion of the credit sought. This will depend upon the relevance of the study to be undertaken. Acceptance will vary from establishment to establishment and any award is made at the discretion of the higher education institution.

The credit ratings awarded by The Open University are based on the academic content of qualifications only and do not take into account the interpersonal skills or professional competencies. The credit ratings can therefore be broken down to the individual theory modules.

Exemptions may reduce your credits

You may only be awarded credit for the modules you studied. So, if you were exempt from some parts of the syllabus, you will not receive all the credits. 

For example, the IIA Diploma consists of five theory modules, each rated at 12 points. Where a member was given exemption to the P1 The Internal Audit Environmanet module and the P2 Financial Risks and Controls module, it may be the case that they would only gain 36 points for the other three modules completed.

Qualifications taken before 1996

The credit ratings are valid for awards made since 1996. If a member's award is made before this date then the IIA would recommend that the process offered here may still be used but that members should bear in mind that their awards may not be considered. 

The Open University distance learning courses

Members can also take advantage of awards of specific credit towards particular distance-taught qualifications offered by The Open University, subject to the usual rules for that qualification. 

Proof to support your application

In order to gain credit at any institution you will be required to present evidence of your award from the IIA. We are happy to support any application for credit.

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Why has the IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk not been accredited?

The IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk is not eligible in The Open University's scheme because of its model of assessment.

Why are awards made before 1996 not valid?

At the time of applying for accreditation, The Open University's policy was that they would only consider awards dating back to 1996. However, the IIA believes that this credit rating information may still be of use to members who received their awards prior to 1996.

How can I obtain detailed evidence of my awards from the Institute?

Upon request, members will be supplied with a statement of their award from the Institute that will confirm the exams passed and the total credit points awarded. 

How much will this cost me?

There is no charge for this service.

What qualifications can specific credit be gained for at The Open Unviersity?

Credit may be gained towards The Open University general degree. As time goes by, named awards from The Open University will also be published as available as students apply for credit to other named awards.

How many credits can I gain in all?

The credits are cumulative, so that if you have achieved both the IIA Diploma (60 credits) and the IIA Advanced Diploma (60 credits) you may seek up to 120 credits towards a Masters (total credits required for a full Masters 180).

What credit can I expect to gain towards my MBA?

The rules regarding the MBA are governed by AMBA the Association of MBAs. They have made a ruling that a maximum of 20% of an MBA can be made up of pre-owned credits.

For information, The Open University have clarified that they will limit such applications to a maximum award of 30 credits. In addition, depending on the previous qualifications used to claim the 30 credits, certain optional modules may be excluded. For example, someone with an accounting qualification claiming 30 credits towards the MBA would not be eligible to elect to do optional modules in accounting if this meant a duplication of the previous award.