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Chartered by Learning

Aimed at aspiring leaders, Chartered by Learning focuses on the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours for internal auditors wishing to progress into a management position. No management experience is required as the programme will teach you the skills you need.

Comprehensive support is provided via the learning programme, while regular assessments check your understanding and progress. Finally, you complete a case study-based exam to assess your competency.

The Chartered by Learning programme involves 400 hours of work (or approximately an hour and a half every day while enrolled on a course). It must be completed within three years - although the majority of candidates will complete it within 18 months.

This route is open to all CIA and PIIA holders who are current Chartered IIA members.

For more detailed information regarding the study route to Chartered membership, please read our Candidate Handbook.

Please noteChartered members from accountancy bodies in the UK and Ireland currently working in internal audit, or internal auditors holding advanced business degrees, may be eligible for our Direct Entry route.

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Programme outline

Module 1: Strategy

This module provides candidates with the competencies and skills required of strategic decision makers and leaders. It introduces the challenges of contemporary management and how to engage with frameworks, theories, and tools.

Although the focus is on formulating strategy, this is approached from the view of the CAE and considers the role of the internal audit function to:

  • Participate and contribute to the strategy formulating
  • Act as advisor and providing assurance of the strategic risks
  • Review the strategic processes

This module consists of five domains:

  • Leadership principles
  • Organisational strategy
  • Organisational culture
  • Commercial acuity
  • CSR and sustainability

Module 2: Leadership

This module is concerned predominantly with the operational challenges of being accountable for an internal audit function, either as a manager or as an executive.

Like Module 1, it consists of five domains:

  • Planning
  • Assurance and insight
  • Influence
  • Talent management
  • Quality assurance and improvement programme

Exams are based on case studies which are made available at the start of each course. You can take these exams online.


New courses will take place on the following dates:

  • Spring term: starting in March with the exam in July
  • Autumn term: starting in September with the exam in January

Assessment for Professional Conferral

The Assessment for Professional Conferral gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your learning and evidence your professional development by applying your insight to your work environment and demonstrate your ability to lead the internal audit function and the profession.

Upon registering, you will receive access to our Professional Conferral hub where you will find guidance on the expectations of the assessment and what you need to demonstrate, including templates and example documents to help you format your documents appropriately.

You will first identify and define a problem that would be suitably complex and strategic in nature to warrant further investigation. After submitting a problem statement to the assessor, you start working on your recommendations on how this problem will be addressed. 

During the 60 minute assessment, you will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present your recommendations to the assessor, followed by 20 minutes of questions. The final 20 minutes will be a discussion about your learning and development.

You will be assessed against five competencies underpinned by the International Professional Practices Framework, the Chartered by Learning syllabus, and the Internal Audit Competency Framework.

Assessments will be conducted online using Webex.

Upon successfully completing the assessment, you will be awarded Chartered membership and you can use the CMIIA designation.

You will find more details in the Chartered by Learning candidate handbook (link above). To register for the Assessment for Professional Conferral, please complete this form.

Is tuition provided?

Those enrolled on the study route to Chartered membership will receive tuition support. The tuition takes the form of a 15-week online programme, followed by three weeks of reading and revision. Students then sit their exams during week 19.

Courses are offered in cohorts, with each cohort having set dates for assignment submissions and the exam.

The programme includes:

• Access to resources comprising text-based, audio and interactive material
• Guidance and links to material that develops knowledge in various domains
• Web-based classes facilitated by an experienced tutor
• A forum that enables you to post questions to and share ideas with your tutor and fellow learners

Additional material is also available for purchase.

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Accreditation for organisations

Looking to gain Chartered IIA accreditation to offer our Chartered by Learning programme through your organisation? Any organisation can apply and be an accredited provider, as long as you meet our criteria.

Find out all about Chartered by Learning accreditation


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