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Chartered by Learning FAQs

Our Chartered by Learning FAQs provide essential answers to key questions about the study route to help you get to grips with it. Further information regarding the study route can be found in our Candidate Handbook – which you should take time to read before the programme commences.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information presented below, then please contact

What is the study route and what does it involve?

  • You will enrol on a 19-week programme, which includes tuition and support, access to study materials, three compulsory assignments and an exam for each of the two modules.
  • The first 15 weeks will be the study programme and you will be supported by an Online Course Facilitator. The final four weeks will be revision and the exam.
  • You will spend three weeks on each of the syllabus domains, and for each domain you will attend an online class.

What are the eligibility requirements for the study route?

  • Chartered IIA membership is required for the duration of the course.
  • You must hold a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or IIA Diploma (PIIA) designation to be automatically registered.
  • Accountants from other professional bodies and MBA holders can receive a standard exemption.
  • Evidence of certification and experience must be submitted by non-members.
  • When you enrol on a course, you are also enrolled for the exam.

Does Chartered by Learning lead to a qualification?

  • Crucially, Chartered by Learning is not a qualification. Rather it is a practical learning programme that allows members to hone and develop skills, competencies and behaviour associated with middle and senior management.

How long do I have to enrol on and complete the programme?

  • You have three years to complete the CMIIA from the date of registration. After the three-year period elapses, you will be automatically deregistered and will be required to register again and restart your studies from the beginning.
  • There are no extensions available.
  • You are permitted to pause your studies between the cohort study programmes, but you cannot pause the study programme and you are expected to complete it once enrolled.

What are the study terms for the programme?

  • We offer two terms per year: Spring term, which begins in March with the Exam in July, and the Autumn term, which begins in September with exams in January.

What are the study hours for the programme?

  • Modules must be completed in sequence, and you can only enrol on one module at a time.
  • The programme has been designed to be completed in 18 months: six months for Module 1, six months for Module 2, and six months for the professional conferral.
  • The total study time is 400 hours: 180 hours for each of Module 1 and 2, and 40 hours for the Professional Conferral.
  • You can expect to spend approximately 10 hours a week studying.

What are the assignments and how many are there?

  • You will be submitting three assignments, for domains 1, 2 and 3.
  • Assignments are compulsory and collectively contribute 30% of your final mark.
  • To be eligible for the exam, you must achieve an average of 50% across the three assignments, with a minimum score of 40% in each individual assignment.
  • We offer the opportunity to marginal failing candidates to resubmit their assignments.
  • All assignments will be scanned for plagiarism or copyright infringements, and if identified will lead to disciplinary action.

The study route includes case study exams. What do these involve?

  • The case study exams will count 70% towards your final mark.
  • The exam will be 180 minutes and will be conducted online from your venue or any location.
  • The exam is based on a case study, which you will receive during week 10 of the course.
  • We offer the opportunity for candidates with marginal fails to re-sit the exam at a cost of £450. The resit will be based on the same case study you received earlier.
  • If you fail the exam, you are expected to complete the entire course again.
  • You will be notified of your exam results by email.
  • If you don’t pass, you can request feedback at a fee.
  • All results are final.
  • Academic judgement cannot be appealed against, unless it is on grounds of administrative error or extenuating circumstances.

What is the Professional Conferral and where does it come?

  • The one-hour Professional Conferral comprises of a presentation and Q&A session with the assessor.
  • It will be based on a list of competencies, and you will have a selection of presentation themes to choose from.

Can I cancel? If so, how?

  • Enrolments can be cancelled prior to the course start date, and you will receive a full refund minus 20% admin fee.
  • Once the course starts, it is no longer possible to cancel.
  • Depending on circumstances we may be able to defer your studies to a future date.