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Chartered Internal Auditor

Take the next step and demonstrate your expertise

Chartered Internal Auditor status is the benchmark for excellence in internal auditing. Studying to become chartered will give you the technical skills and business acumen required to manage an internal audit function and play a key strategic role in your organisation. Our salary survey also suggests chartered status could also significantly boost your earning power.

If you're already a Certified Internal Auditor, you can achieve chartered status by taking three case study exams and completing a professional experience journal. 

Experienced auditors may be eligible to become chartered without taking exams, via our chartered by experience route. 

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What's involved in becoming chartered?

Part 1: Three case study exams

You will need to pass three case study exams that will test your technical knowledge as well as your leadership ability. 

  1. Case study 1: Internal audit leadership (3 hr 45 min) 
  2. Case study 2: Organisational leadership (3 hr 45 min) 
  3. Case study 3: Ethical leadership (2 hr 45 min)

The exams are based on case studies, which are made available at the start of each exam. The exams are computer-based.

You can take the exams at over 100 Pearson Vue centres in the UK and Ireland. Exams are held in February, June and October on a range of dates, so you can choose one that's convenient for you. 

Part 2: Professional experience journal

You must also complete a professional experience journal PEJ. You will need around three years' experience of working as an internal auditor, providing independent assurance to an organisation on risks and controls, in order to complete this.

Are you eligible?

All Certified Internal Auditors are eligible to take the case study exams that lead to chartered status.

A note for non-graduates who want to become chartered

Don't let the CIA experiential requirement put you off continuing on the qualification path to chartered status! You can take the case study exams and be awarded the CMIIA designation as long as you have passed the CIA exams, regardless of whether you have been awarded the CIA designation. 

Study support 

You don't have to take a programme of tuition to prepare for the exams, but it will certainly help if you do so and we offer a fantastic online programme plus exam workshops.  

Read more about IIA tuition   |   View fees and tuition costs

Other tuition providers are also available. 

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