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Board briefings

This collection of summary reports provide key information on issues in which internal audit has an interest, from the issues around internal audit itself to areas of audit. Designed to form the basis for discussion between the board and internal audit function.

Many of these short briefings accompany in-depth research reports for when more substantial insights are needed.

Risk in Focus 2024

Risk in Focus is an annual report analysing the top business risks which organisations across Europe are facing. The board briefing is a summary version designed to be shared with the board and audit committee chairs.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security has grown to become a key business risk. Forthcoming EU regulations – the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will place significant new obligations on UK organisations in this area.

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Culture: Evolving approaches to embedding and assurance

Exploring the practice of providing assurance around culture based on a survey of heads of internal audit.

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Outsourcing and the role of internal audit

Approaches in the private and public sectors to managing the risks associated with supplier relationships, including the practices of internal audit functions.

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The role of internal audit in non-financial and integrated reporting

Providing some insights into how internal audit can and is beginning to be harnessed by organisations in the vanguard of this new era of corporate reporting.

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What every director should know

Second edition of our flagship governance guide “What every director should know”. Full report and board briefing.

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Building effective internal audit

What does a good internal audit function look like? Focusing on the financial sector, but with lessons for other organisations.

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Culture and the role of internal audit

This 2014 board briefing looks at how boards and audit committees can help rebuild public trust by making the best use of internal audit as they develop their thinking around how to improve ethical conduct for the benefit of customers, employees, all other stakeholders and for business itself.

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Whistleblowing and corporate governance

Whistleblowing policies and procedures are an important element in a healthy corporate culture. Internal audit’s independence from the executive and objectivity give it the potential to be involved in whistleblowing arrangements.

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When should an organisation establish an internal audit activity?

To help board members and senior managers decide about the need for internal audit we have put together a short list of questions.

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Content reviewed: 18 September 2023

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