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Comment and opinion from our chief professional practice advisor Liz Sandwith

Giving and receiving feedback within internal audit 20 April

We look at the importance of giving and receiving feedback in internal audit. Plus, the benefits of using the '4Ps' of feedback.

Giving feedback to stakeholders  10 April

Read our tips for developing a trusted relationship with stakeholders, which will help when you need to provide feedback.

Stakeholder engagement  3 April

Stakeholder engagement is regularly identified as a top priority for internal auditors. What does it really mean in practice? And how can you make it work for you?

GDPR - Mountain or molehill?  3 March

Liz reflects on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation in the light of Protiviti's event for internal auditors.

Auditing culture – why do good companies go bad?  9 February

Things are still going wrong with organisational cultures. Liz highlights the institute's work in this area and the tools that can help you audit culture.

Investors in supermarkets and internal audit – what’s the connection?  27 January

The FRC's Reporting Lab has published a report on disclosures on commercial income and supplier relationships.  See why investors need to pay attention to internal audit.

Modern slavery statements  17 January

Internal auditors in large organisations need to start thinking about preparing their statements.

About Liz Sandwith

Liz has over 28 years’ experience in internal audit and risk management. She spent 13 years as head of internal audit at Channel 5 followed by five at Bupa, where she held a number of roles, from head of assurance, risk and compliance to head of internal audit operations. She has also worked with the Information Commissioner’s office and the Electoral Commission, as well as advising a number of local authorities on internal audit and risk management issues.

Liz served as president of the institute between 2000 and 2001 and she became the Chartered IIA’s chief professional practice advisor in May 2016.

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Content reviewed: 20 April 2017