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Sector-specific standards and guidance

There is significant commonality across internal audit and much that different sectors can learn from each other. There are also some specific standards and specialist areas. 

The guidance and resources on this page should be considered as a start point to your learning journey.

Charities | Financial services | Insurance | Public sector

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Chartered IIA
Introduction to charity sector (2021) Grant funding administration (2017)

Additional resources

The Charity Commission
Charities Internal Audit Network (CIAN) - special interest group

Financial Services

Chartered IIA
Auditing collections (2022) Auditing Benchmark Contributions (2022) Annual governance, risk and control (2017)
Auditing ICAAP and ILAAP (2018) Consumer Duty - Outcome Testing (2022) Conduct risk (2020)
Customer vulnerability and IA (2020) Head of IA - SMF senior management function (2018) Interest rate risk management (2018)
Financial instruments directive MiFIDII (2020) Model risk (2018) Model Risk Management heads up on new rules (2023)
Operational continuity (2020) Operational resilience (2019) Outcomes of processes (2018)
Product development in FS (2017) Retrospective reviews (2017) Senior managers regime and IA (2019)
Hybrid Working - Factors to consider (2022) Regulatory Reporting – an internal audit approach (2023) Retail credit risk (2017)
Wholesale credit risk (2017)    
Building effective internal audit (2014) Embedding IA in FS (2014) Internal audit effectiveness (2018)
Risk assessments and IA work (2018) RBIA planning in FS (2020) Internal audit planning checklist (2020)
IIA Global  
Market risk in financial institutions (2021) Auditing Capital Risk and Stress Testing for Banks - 2nd Edition (2022) Auditing conduct risk (2020)
Auditing credit risk management (2020) Auditing liquidity risk: An overview (2018) Auditing model risk management (2018)
Foundations of internal auditing in financial services firms (2019)  

Additional resources

Internal Audit Financial Services Code of Practice
BIS: Bank for International Settlements - including Basel III and implementation of the Standards, corporate governance standards for banks and other requirements


Chartered IIA
ECIIA - IA in insurance (2019) Solvency II: the fundamentals (2017) Solvency II: the role of internal audit (2017)
Auditing climate change responses for insurers  (2021)    
IIA Global
IA in insurance sector (2019)    

Additional resources

Internal Audit Financial Services Code of Practice
Bank of England - Solvency II regulatory requirements
Insurance Internal Audit Group - Special interest group

Public sector

Chartered IIA
Cashflow Management in local authorities (2022) Grant funding administration (2017) Income generation (2020)
Well-being future generations (2023) Value for money auditing (2021)  
IIA Global  
Audit committees in public sector  Governance in the public sector Auditing grants in the public sector (2018)
IA competency for public sector (2015) IA in public sector (2019) Strategic public asset protection (2019)
Auditing procurement in the public sector (2021)

Building an Effective Internal Audit Activity in the Public Sector (2022)

 Applying the Three Lines Model In the Public Sector (2022)

Additional resources

CIPFA - PSIAS: Public Sector Internal Audit Standards 

Content reviewed: 24 May 2024