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In keeping you abreast with the coronavirus situation, we've put together and collated various pieces of guidance detailing everything from what the virus is to questions we should be asking of it.

In addition, we have put together COVID-19 policy that we’re following as a business, that is updated as and when new information becomes available.

Read our COVID-19 policy


Why internal auditors must do more than don masks

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
An overview of key risks and questions to consider.

Business resilience and crisis planning
Is internal audit providing regular assurance that an organisation is properly addressing disaster preparedness and resilience planning?

COVID-19: quick poll results
Discover the results of a poll done by IIA Global and the initial actions that followed.

Factsheet: internal audit and pandemics
A handy two-page document by IIA Australia detailing what pandemics are and how they overlap with internal audit.

Business continuity thinking - next steps
A call for health and wellbeing in internal audit by Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Lindsey Mellors. 

Business continuity plans - tested by coronavirus
Veronique Naly Demachy, Director for Mica, explains how BCPs can help businesses manage COVID-19. 

Using digitised information – more important (and risky) than ever
The need to access digitised information has never been more important. Here's why. 

Furlough and internal audit
Understand The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme from an internal audit standpoint.

Independence and objectivity
An insightful piece of guidance examining the value of maintaining independence and objectivity through the current crisis.

IA at a distance: conducting audit engagements remotely
A close look at the reality of conducting audit engagements remotely.

Guest blog: Martin Robinson, CIA, CFIIA, QiCA
COVID-19 presents yet another opportunity for scammers and professional fraudsters – how can business and internal audit help reduce the risk and impact? Martin discusses.

CAE to the AC: no surprises in surprising circumstances 
This piece addresses one of the consequences of the coronavirus crisis: the audit opinion.

Remote auditing for COVID-19 and beyond
A knowledge brief examining the challenges of remote auditing with strategies for overcoming them.

EHS planning for COVID-19 and beyond
A knowledge brief providing practical direction to prepare organizations to weather COVID-19.

Guest blog: Carolyn Clarke FCA, CMIIA
Hear from guest blogger Carolyn about how heads of internal audit can remain resilient through the current crisis.

Cyber and remote working
We explore the cyber risks that remote working brings and list the various controls available for providing assurance

Active assurance
A short piece by Protiviti to help you quickly evolve and navigate in times of uncertainty. 

Four things internal audit should focus on
Some crucial focus points for the profession from our key sponsor, Galvanize. 

Communications with stakeholders
Find out what you can do to adapt your communications content and approach during the COVID-19 crisis.

A blog by our EQA review team
Is an EQA a priority right now? We explore. 

Guest blog: Claire Ashby CIA, QIAL, FCA, Head of Internal Audit London’s Southbank Centre and the National Theatre
UK theatres, the changes to the operational risk profile with COVID-19 and how many arts organisations have adapted to lock down.

Pandemics: Considerations for IT disruptions
This IIA bulletin includes general questions and resources to assess cyber vulnerability during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19  impact on internal audit
Survey results about risk assessment, audit plans, staffing, and budget.

Evolving cyber risks in a COVID-19 world
Released by the IIA, Internal Audit Foundation and Wolters Kluwer and examines many of the situations that require heightened risk awareness and evaluation.

COVID-19 and internal audit - Preparing for the new normal for 2020 and beyond
Released by the Internal Audit Foundation, The IIA, and AuditBoard, provides practical direction as to what internal audit functions can do to support their organisations. 

Should an EQA be a priority right now?
An insightful piece exploring the implications of proceeding or delaying an EQA in the current climate.

Reporting during and after Covid: different…and maybe better?
Insights for reassessing what and how you report.

Returning to work – questions for establishing a new normal
Seven executive actions to help internal auditors navigate the immediate future. 

Mapping assurance to support the audit committee
The benefits of an assurance map and how to prepare one.

Guide for audit and risk committees on financial report and management
Discharge your responsibilities in the right areas with this helpful guide.

Skills for internal auditors in a post-Covid world
What skills will be most in demand and what can you do about it?

'Bottling' the lessons of COVID-19
Hold on to these lessons learnt during COVID-19 and 'bottle' them to improve the way internal audit works in future.

Internal audit after COVID-19
The new 'normal’ as the world emerges from COVID-19 lockdown will not, and cannot, be like the old normal. How can this shape the future of internal audit?

Remote internal auditing in a new normal world
Insights from Brian Hayes, CMIIA, Partner in Moore, on how internal audit can adapt to the changed environment that COVID-19 presents.

Competing crises - pandemic, climate and recession
Crises are competing for the attention of internal auditors.

How organisations globally are responding to COVID-19
Survey results from internal auditors in 95 countries – Part 1 

COVID-19: The initial impact on internal audit worldwide
Survey results from internal auditors in 95 countries – Part 2

Further reading

Financial Reporting Council - FRC COVID-19 Response

National Cyber Security Centre - Advisory: COVID-19 exploited by malicious cyber actors

Deloitte – COVID-19 managing supply chain risk and disruption

KPMG - Business impact and continuity considerations

Content reviewed: 24 May 2024