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Drop-In IA Clinic

Drop-In IA Clinic  

The Chartered Institute welcomes everyone, members and non-members, experienced professionals and those new to the world of internal audit.

The sessions are an informal opportunity to discuss the latest trends and development in internal audit and topics are picked on an ad hoc, hot topic basis to reflect this. Attendees are welcome to express interest in a specific topic and to ask colleagues on the call and the IIA's Technical Team,  burning questions to gauge thoughts and opinions on challenging topics and all things internal audit. This event is for internal auditors of all levels and experience and is a general Q&A session where all attendees can offer their thoughts.


Upcoming sessions:

April May June July August September October November December
24  29  26  31 28  25 30 27 tbc

 All sessions will take place at 11.30am.

Come and connect with us!

Please contact us at to be included in the invitation list.

Naturally, we can’t guarantee confidentiality at the Drop-In's as they are open sessions.

Feedback is always welcome.


Content reviewed: 28 March 2024