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IIA Advanced Diploma syllabus

IIA Advanced Diploma students complete four theory modules, with exams, and a personal Professional Experience Journal (PEJ). 

Four theory modules

M1: Strategic Management

  • Understanding how business strategies and governance can be used to promote competitive advantage, value and sustainability
  • Includes the role of ethics and values; strategy related to risk mitigation; the management of innovation.

M2: Financial Management

  • Enabling you to provide assurance and advice on strategic and operational aspects of finance.
  • Includes the legal and ethical aspects of accounting processes; the context of financial management; implications of costs analysis on strategy formation.

M3: Risk Assurance and Audit Management

  • Enhance the quality of assurance opinion provided; deep investigation of all aspects of risk management, internal audit and corporate governance.
  • Includes how broader strategic issues impact on an organisation and its internal audit function. 

M4: Advanced Internal Auditing Case Study

  • You will complete a case study exam that shows you can apply strategic insight into corporate governance, risk management and internal controls in a realistic practical context.
  • A key part of this will be to show how you would exert influence at a senior level when providing assurance in respect of operational and strategic risks.   

You will be studying at postgraduate level, so there will be reading and research in addition to the learning text provided. The learning programme will support you by providing both the essential learning material and further reading you need to prepare for exam success.

You should plan to spend about 150 hours on each module. Remember to also allow time to do the assignment and the mock exam. 

Read the full syllabus 

Professional Experience Journal

A valuable and rewarding aspect of studying for the IIA Advanced Diploma is completing your Professional Experience Journal (PEJ).

The purpose of the PEJ is to confirm that you have met the learning objectives and competencies outlined in the Advanced Diploma syllabus. Reflecting on your work and how it relates to your studies will develop your critical skills and help you become a more effective internal auditor.

Your PEJ will include evidence such as presentations you have made, notes from interviews, minutes from meetings and project plans.

You will show that you have relevant practical internal audit experience and how you have contributed to your organisation during this time. Your workplace manager will sign off your completed PEJ.

Your PEJ must be submitted within three years of starting the qualification or by 1 May 2018, whichever is earliest.

Read more about the PEJ