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IIA Diploma syllabus

IIA Diploma students complete five theory modules, with exams, and submit a Professional Experience Journal (PEJ).  

Five theory modules

P1: The Internal Audit Environment 

  • Understand the structural, cultural and political framework of an organisation and equip yourself to deliver effective assurance and consultancy within that environment. 
  • Includes managing the impact of change, performance management and the influence of different leadership and management styles

P2: Financial Risks and Controls

  • Develop the numerical literacy and analytic skills needed to undertake effective internal audits.
  • Understand risks associated with financial and accounting systems and controls, and gain confidence to apply this knowledge to interpret and provide assurance. 

P3: Internal Audit Practice

  • Understand the focus, responsibilities and methodologies linked to the effective delivery of internal audit services.
  • Develop effective communications strategies for collaborating with audit clients.
  • Understand the International Professional Practices Framework, the Code of Ethics and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.  

P4: Information Systems Auditing

  • Understand the risks related to the delivery of information, services and projects.  Gain thorough knowledge of the role of information systems within operations and management, and the principles of integrity and confidentiality.
  • Develop skills in using computer assisted auditing tools and techniques to deliver internal audit objectives.  

P5: Corporate Governance and Risk Management

  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to advise and guide management on corporate governance and risk management structures and processes.
  • Understand contrasting approaches; gain the skills to critically evaluate organisational structures and processes; build skills in communicating advice and assistance to management in the maintenance of corporate governance and risk management frameworks and activity.

Read the full syllabus

Professional experience journal

A valuable and rewarding aspect of studying for the IIA Diploma is compiling your Professional Experience Journal (PEJ).

The purpose of the PEJ is to confirm that you have met the learning objectives and competencies outlined in the syllabus. Reflecting on your work and how it relates to your studies will develop your critical skills and help you become more effective.

Your PEJ will include evidence such as presentations you have made, notes from interviews, minutes from meetings and project plans.

You will show that you have at least one year's relevant internal audit experience and how you have contributed to your organisation during this time. Your manager will sign off your completed PEJ.

Your PEJ must be submitted within three years of starting the qualification or by 1 May 2018, whichever is earliest.