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Audit & Risk magazines 2014

Issue 20: November/December 2014

Highlights include: how organisations can protect themselves against threats that also affect national security; the risks involved in IPOs; internal audit's role in relation to the organisation's risk appetite; and controlling risks at a time of corporate growth.

Download Audit & Risk issue 20: November/December 2014 pdf

Issue 19: September/October 2014

Hightlights include: guidance on how to audit culture; lessons in best practice from the IIA financial services code; Standard Chartered Bank's Julian Wynter on how his organisation is training up its internal auditing team; and why customer service matters more than ever before.

Download Audit & Risk issue 19: September/October 2014 pdf

Issue 18: July/August 2014

Highlights include: HRH Prince Charles to address IIA international conference; Anthony Garnett, Head of Internal Audit and Counter-Fraud at DFID, on how the function makes a real difference to people's lives; the challenges of internal audit at the European Space Agency; and a round-up of the latest regulatory developments affecting IA.

Download Audit & Risk issue 18: July/August 2014 pdf

Issue 17: May/June 2014

Highlights include: Alastair Campbell on how to manage change; in-depth interviews with the Head of Internal Audit, Audit Committee Chair, CEO of Nationwide and Head of Internal Audit at TSB on the challenges facing the function in financial services firms; how to achieve an international career and the pitfalls and opportunities of social media.

Download Audit & Risk issue 17: May/June 2014 pdf

Issue 16: March/April 2014

Highlights: interview with Professor Mervyn King, Chair of the International Integrated Reporting Council, plus an article on what integrated reporting could mean for internal audit; exploration of where the next generation of internal auditors are coming from and the skills they will need; advice on where to draw the line between independence and supporting your organisation; plus a report on take-up of the IIA's financial services code.

Download Audit & Risk issue 16: March/April 2014 pdf

Issue 15: January/February 2014

Highlights: interview with Michael Woodford, the former Olympus president who blew the whistle on fraud at the top of the organisation; advice on the ways organisations can protect themselves against problems caused by bad weather; why helping employees to stay healthy can reduce an organisation's risks; and what companies can do to protect themselves against cyber-criminals.

Download Audit & Risk issue 15: January/February 2014 pdf