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Audit & Risk magazines 2023

Issue 74: November/December 2023

Articles include: Threats and promises from artificial intelligence – what AI expert Nina Schick told the Internal Audt Conference; internal audit skills for the future; the benefits and opportunities of joining one of the Chartered IIA's special interest groups; why culture matters and what you can do to assess it; top tips for entering the A&R Awards and what you gain from nominating; award-winning best practice from Kingfisher's internal audit team and everything you need to know about recent changes to continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

Download Audit & Risk issue 74: November/December 2023



Issue 73: September/October 2023

Articles include: An interview with Amazon scientist and explorer Rosa Espinoza, keynote speaker at the Internal Audit Conference; how to audit climate change preparedness; Steven Welsh on winning the Inspirational Leader Audit & Risk Award; Internal Audit Conference preview; advice on knowing your own leadership style and selecting the best style for the occasion; why it's essential for internal auditors to understand the psychology of internal auditing strategies.

Download Audit & Risk issue 73: September/October 2023


Issue 72: July/August 2023

Articles include: The winners of the 2023 Audit & Risk Awards revealed; why geopolitical risk matters more than ever; the opportunities available for those considering an internal audit apprenticeship; a fresh look at risk appetite; what artificial intelligence could do for internal audit in the future.

Download Audit & Risk issue 72: July/August 2023

Issue 71: May/June 2023

Articles include: Why you need to pay more attention to geopolitical risk; award-winning audit at Bupa; lessons in leadership; reasons why all internal auditors should consider a non-executive board role; the shortlist for the 2023 A&R awards; new courses on auditing employee engagement risk.

Download Audit & Risk issue 71: May/June 2023 


Issue 70: March/April 2023

Articles include: ChatGPT – what will the next phase of AI mean for internal audit?; award-winning internal audit at ClearBank; diversity and inclusion - why are there so few black women in senior internal audit roles?; top tips for management in a changing world; keeping ahead of risks on projects; the role of the Chartered IIA Council and the people who sit on it.

Download Audit & Risk issue 70: March/April 2023 


Issue 69: January/February 2023

Articles include: identifying and auditing ecosystem risk; award-winning internal audit at Lidl GB; key questions and answers about auditing during periods of disruption; understanding management risk; new report on data analytics for internal audit; dealing with cash-flow risk; dos and don'ts for entering the A&R awards.

Download Audit & Risk issue 69: January/February 2023