Why take the CIA?

Post Office

Going through the CIA exams helped me consolidate my knowledge of audit in general and I gained new knowledge in areas such as financial report controls and business process improvement.

It really helped me gain a broader view of internal audit governance, approach, methodology and internal control.  

Elena R. Nistor-Lustermans
Internal Audit Manager IT
Post Office

Certified Internal Auditor

Become a professionally qualified internal auditor, a CIA

Certified Internal Auditor is a globally-recognised qualification that provides a firm foundation for a career in internal auditing. When you study the CIA you’ll learn about internal audit theory and the core frameworks, including the International Standards, and how to plan and perform an internal audit engagement. You will also be introduced to the concepts of internal control, risk, governance and technology.

Becoming a CIA will:

  • Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism
  • Distinguish you from your peers
  • Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry
  • Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement

You must be a member to take the CIA in the UK or Ireland.

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Why become certified? 

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If you have an undergraduate degree or higher you can register on the CIA right away.

If you have 3 A-Levels between grades A–C you will need one year of experience in internal audit to be eligible to enrol.

If you don’t meet either of the above requirements, you will need seven or more years’ experience in internal audit and proof of having completed compulsory education.

Providing proof of education is required for all CIA candidates. If you have lost your school certificates you will need to organise replacements.

If you are a year or less away from meeting the eligibility requirements you can join us as Student member now and begin your studies via our tuition programme. You can then register for the CIA once you become eligible. 

What you need to do to pass the CIA

To become a CIA there are three multiple-choice exams to pass, which you can take at over 100 Pearson Vue centres in the UK and Ireland. 

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Studying for the CIA

All CIA students are given access to the CIA Learning system, which includes digital copies of the text books. Face-to-face exam workshops are also available to support you. 

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How long does it take?

Most students complete the CIA in 12–18 months. The maximum time allowed is three years – that includes the time that needs to elapse for you meet the experience requirement.

Studying requires a time commitment of around 50–80 hours each of the three CIA Parts. That’s equivalent to about five hours per week for a year to complete all three.

Maintaining the CIA designation

Membership of the Chartered IIA must be maintained in order to use the CIA designation, and CIAs are required to maintain their knowledge and skills through continuing professional education (CPE).


There are no exemptions available for the CIA. You will be required to sit all three exams regardless of your prior qualifications or experience.

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