We offer several routes to becoming globally recognised as a professional internal auditor. We’re here to support you every step of the way as you shape your professional journey.

Which route is right for me?

Not sure which route is right for you? View a PDF of our full career routemap to determine your pathway to success.

1. Practitioner stage

If you’re new to internal audit or a related field or have some experience and are hoping to improve your knowledge, then the practitioner stage is right for you.

Internal Audit Practitioner

A designation designed to support new internal auditors as they take their first step toward becoming professionally qualified.

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2. Certified Professional stage

If you're already an internal auditor, then becoming a certified professional offers you a global benchmark qualification as a professional internal auditor. This gives you a firm foundation on which to build your career in internal auditing.

Certified Internal Auditor

A globally recognised certification that provides a firm foundation for a career in internal auditing. Becoming certified is also a prerequisite to becoming chartered.

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3. Chartered Professional stage

If you’re experienced internal auditor who is setting the strategy and leading the profession, then becoming chartered will place you at the top of your career path.

There are two routes to becoming a chartered professional:

  • An exam-based qualification
  • A competency-based assessment

Chartered Internal Auditor

If you're already a Certified Internal Auditor, then you can achieve chartered status by taking the two learning programmes and exams and completing the Professional Conferral.

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Chartered by Experience (competency based assessment)

For those not interested in the exam-based route, you can take a competency-based assessment to demonstrate your strategic leadership ability and commitment to the professionalisation of internal auditing.

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Other qualifications

Apprenticeships in internal audit

A real job with structured training, comprising two routes – level 4 and level 7. Great for young students and employers/practitioners looking to build their teams.

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IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk

A practical, accredited modular course, providing a thorough grounding in the practice and principles of audit, governance, risk, and assurance.

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Specialist qualifications

Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL)

Take a presentation/interview assessment and gain the new internal audit leadership qualification. Applicable to Chartered Internal Auditors only.

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Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA)

A certification is designed for internal auditors and risk management professionals who provide risk assurance, governance, quality assurance, or control self-assessment.

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Please note: To apply for the CCSA, CGAP, CFSA or CRMA you must register via IIA Global's candidate certification system. You will need your Global ID number. Please contact us if you don't know what it is.